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El Rancho Hotel
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Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the El Rancho Hotel is the embodiment of America’s Old West.

According to author Russell A. Olsen, “As you enter the historic El Rancho through the stately front entry, you immediately realize this was and still is a special place….During its heyday, the El Rancho Hotel was one of the premier hotels in the entire Southwest and became the place for the Hollywood set to stay when filming in the area.

During its glory years, the El Rancho was the definition of luxury and included many amenities that were lacking in other typical tourist hotels of the day.

For 50 years, the El Rancho Hotel greeted guests along Route 66 with class and dignity…Luckily for us, this one-of-a-kind hotel once again greets guests with open arms and enjoys the renewed worldwide interest in Route 66 and its landmarks.”

Nothing hits the spot like a great meal after a long day on the road. Well nothing except a great meal AND a great drink. Either way, the restaurant at the El Rancho Hotel will be able to accommodate you.

The Restaurant at the El Rancho Hotel primarily serves American and Mexican food including Steaks, Hamburgers, Fajitas, Enchiladas, Tacos, and Tamales. The main dishes are named after Movie Stars who have eaten at the restaurant like the Ronald Reagan Burger with a side of Jelly Beans.The El Rancho Restaurant can additionally accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets.

The 49er Lounge in the Historic El Rancho Hotel, on Route 66, was named by Esquire Magazine as one of the best bars in the USA. It is a place known for beer, fresh-squeezed margaritas, and history. It is filled with Western decor and friendly service that has satisfied the likes of a thirsty John Wayne after a long day in the West and thousands of motorcycle riders and travelers who have driven down America’s Highway.

The history of the bar is perhaps its strongest point. The 49er Lounge on Route 66 is not a place where you will have to wait in lines to order expense drinks. Nor is it a place where you will have to wait outside to possibly get in. It is a place where you can relive the old days when bartenders were friendly and where you could get a good strong drink after a long hard day.